Saturday, October 13, 2012

How To Open and Read PDF files on BlackBerry for Free

Read E-books on laptop / tablet would be nice. Well, for those of you who want to read E-books or other files that are in .pdf (Portable Document Format) on Blackberry, would be disappointed because the .pdf file can not be opened / read on the Blackberry handsets, because the Blackberry has no pdf reader application as the default application. If you want to install it, you have to reach around $ 9.9 (USD 90 thousands) to buy at the Blackberry Application World.

However, there is another way that is easy and free, so that .pdf file can be read on your Blackberry, even without install any application! How? Here's the instructions.

The first, of course, you must subscribe to BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) / BES (Blackberry Enterprise Service) first. Of course, it applies for people in Indonesia. Blackberry without BIS / BES is like vegetables without salt. It means all advanced features on Blackberry so useless (just for looking fashionable but nothing). Then you must be registered in two email addresses that have POP3 services (such as gmail or yahoo), enroll one of them in Blackberry as push email. Make sure you have push email services. Then send a .pdf file as an attachment from an email that is not listed on the Internet Blackberry push email, to the address that was listed earlier. Wait a few moments until the last email you sent to the Blackberry handset was sent. After that, open the file attachment that contains a .pdf file. And finally ......... you can read .pdf files on the Blackberry. Isn't it very easy, is it. :D

Thus, the core of this trick is to read the .pdf file as an attachment in the email, so you have to send it as an email in advance :-). Rather complicated indeed, but the obvious way is free, without need to install the application, and it does not infringe anyone's copyright.

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